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Fault Locating of Power Cable Systems

Cable system reliability has always been a major consideration in the delivery of electric power. Increased load demands and system expansions continually re-emphasize the significance of reliability. A corollary to this is the accurate and expeditious location of cable system faults and the determination of the reasons for their occurrence. This program is designed to impart and improve knowledge and skills required to locate cable faults on power cable systems in the field. This includes common methods such as thumpers, arc reflection and earth gradient. Field-testing is demonstrated. Individual training in the use of arc reflection method is included.

Who Should Attend

This training program is for personnel who fault locate on insulated power cable systems in the field and those that have supervisory responsibility for such work. A certificate of completion will be awarded.

Course Fee and Registration

  • The Course fee of $575.00 per registrant includes the following:
  • Text notes by the instructors
  • Technical Articles of interest
  • Transportation to and from the test site
  • Morning and afternoon coffee/soft drink breaks,
  • Tuesday lunch

Advanced registration is required.  The class size will be firmly limited to 10 students due to the hands-on instruction.  In order to ensure the best learning experience, we prefer no more than 2 attendees from a company per class.

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Each registrant is responsible for meals except those outlined under “Course Fee and Registration. Reasonably priced eating facilities are within walking distance.

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