Adapters for Special Meter Bases


Adapter for installing Servisavor®
on meter base with bypass lever

Two adapters are available, LP-4J-SP4513 and LP-4J-SP4559

Some class 320 meter-sockets have a restricted opening for the meter blade in the upper right jaw position (ANSI position #3). The LP-4J-SP4559 is equipped with a narrow blade in position #3 and is useable in sockets with and without the restricted jaw opening.

The LP-4J-SP4513 will work on those sockets, which are not equipped with the restricted jaw opening.

The two adapters are identical otherwise.

To install a Servisavor® in a class 320 meter-socket, or some of the new 200-amp lever-bypass meter-sockets, using the LP-4J-SP4513 or LP-4J-SP4559;
1) Install the adapter in the meter socket and re-install the meter-socket cover. The cover will secure the LP adapter in the socket.
2) Install an adjustable heavy-duty security-type sealing ring on the LP adapter and secure it snugly to the LP adapter.
3) Connect the neutral lead to the 732A adapter and insert it into the LP adapter.
4) Evenly run out the three latches behind the front lip of the sealing ring until they are snug. Secure the latch screws with a cable type seal or other means. I left of some steps here to simplify the description.

Instructions for Meter Bypass Adapter (pdf)

Adapter for installing Servisavor®
on “bolt-in” meter base

Two adapters are available, LP-K4-UL and LP-K7
The Servisavor® has a 200 A type meter adapter standard,
The LP-k4-UL works on standard 320 A bolt in meter bases, and adapts to a socket style base, that can accept the Servisavor® adapter.
The LP-K7 works on K7 style bases, and adapts it over to a “S-Base” type socket.  Note that this would only work on 120/240 K7 installations, and not 3 phase applications.
Note that the trade off in both of these adapters is that the previous bolt-in meter will have to be replaced by a socket meter, during the time that the Servisavor® is installed.

Instructions for Bolt-In Meter Adapter (pdf)

The LP-4J-SP4559 is normally stocked and available from the VON Corporation.
All of these adapters are available direct from their manufacturer:
Brooks Utility Products Group
23847 Industrial Park Dr
Farmington Hills, MI  48335-2860

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