Guide for the Purchase of VON Accessories

Test Leads: The test leads for the modular Model C, D, E, F and G series test sets are considered expendable. HV voltage leads of #12 insulated THW solid wire or RG-8U polyethylene cable can be made up to length as needed. Ground leads and jumpers can be made up or purchased locally. An accessory lead kit is available for modular units with leads, jumpers, and a storage case. Special length leads are available for units such as the Model B-.35, BI-.35, BI-.35S1, and EI-.35 which require leads with VON high voltage connectors. Cable, Generator, and Related Apparatus Testing: Only the basic D.C. testing unit is required. To test at higher voltages with VON modular test sets, add the appropriate VON topping unit modules to reach the maximum desired voltage. Additional accessories are required for stacks above 300kv.

  1. When the maximum test voltage must not be exceeded such as when testing generators, a VON 6.25cm or 12.5cm protective sphere gap is required. Use of a sphere gap following IEEE Standard #4 eliminates any question as to maximum voltage applied on test.
  2. Auxiliary microammeters are available with ranges of 0-5, 0-10, or 0-20 microamps for use with the Model C, D, and E series test sets. A M3-T topping unit with six current meters is also available which permits simultaneously measuring leakages while testing three individual circuits.

Aerial Lift and Switch Stick Testing: Only the basic D.C. testing unit is required.

  1. A set of two high voltage leads is available specifically designed for aerial lift testing.
  2. One inch diameter stainless steel springs are available for use in testing boom or stick insulation on a foot by foot basis

Cable Fault Location:

  1. A capacitor or capacitors and a gap are required for fault locating with the Model B, C, D, E, F and G. series test sets. They may also be added externally to the Model BI, EI, and FI impulse fault locators. The minimum requirements are listed below:
    1. One VON Impulse Control Gap 0-60kv - standard or heavy duty
    2. One VON Impulse Service Capacitor - 1 mfd at 30kv or 2.6 mfd at 30kv or 4 mfd at 15kv or 10.6 mfd at 15kv or .25 mfd at 60kv
  2. 35kv to 90kv impulses are often required to arc over faults on 69kv to 500kv cable. Modular Model C, D, and E test sets can provide a 60kv impulse voltage using two 30kv capacitors in series and a 60kv impulse control gap. Three 30kv capacitors in series and a 90kv impulse control gap can provide a 90kv impulse voltage. Check with the factory for the protective output resistor values needed at these voltages.
  3. Optional Accessories for Cable Fault Location
    1. Magnetic Impulse Indicator Model MI-88
    2. Acoustical Detector Thumpphone I or Thumpphone II
    3. Earth Gradient Detector for secondary cable faults
    4. An arc reflection coupler/booster Model 23 with Model 1495 radar to approximately locate the fault

TRACKING RESISTANCE TESTING of insulating materials: A VON 100 watt, 40 megohm, 100kv resistor is required with the Model C, E, and E test sets. Glove/Sleeve Testing A Model GM022 two position glove/sleeve testing accessory is available.

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