The VON Corporation is the world's most trusted name in underground cable fault locating and high voltage testing.

The VON Corporation was founded in 1958 by C.F. von Herrmann and developed the world's first truly one-person portable, air insulated 100kV DC test set. From this beginning, the VON Corporation has grown to serve a wide variety of needs of electric utilities and related companies. Family owned and operated, the company serves a worldwide customer base from its main office in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A.

We strive to provide the most reliable, easy to use and accurate operation of any equipment available for utility markets. We specialize in equipment for underground cable fault locating, high voltage testing including insulated aerial lift devices, VLF cable testing, rubber protective goods testing, aerial device boom current monitoring and our temporary secondary power restoration line of Servisavors®.

The VON Corporation was founded on the C Series of high voltage DC test equipment. Designed to be one-person portable, this air insulated tester was revolutionary for it's time, and still is unique in the industry. The C Series has its current meters at high voltage, which eliminates sources of error such as leakage in the tester, or incorrect wiring of the ground return path. When testing insulated aerial lift devices it also allows the operator to ground the truck, instead of having to isolate it from ground to ensure proper metering. For those situations where ground return metering is required, the CG series is available.

In the early 1970's, the VON Corporation entered the cable fault location equipment market with the BI-.35S1. This 35kV combination hipot – thumper was for many years the only practical fault locator that could be easily carried by two people. In the middle 1990's it was joined by the XF Series of Arc Reflection Systems, which is today the most popular portable cable fault locator in the world. Its combination of easy operation and portability has made it the preferred choice of utilities.

In 2005, the VON Corporation re-entered the underground cable testing market with the XV line of VLF testers. VLF or Very Low Frequency testing is fast becoming the preferred method of cable testing for XLPE cables. The XV series will bring VON's reputation for ease of use to this market. A revolutionary change in design also will allow the XV series to test longer cables for a given input current than competitive equipment.

The VON Corporation is also a leading company in rubber goods testing. In 2006 the VON Corporation introduced a total overhaul of its control system, introducing complete microprocessor control of the entire process. Through a menu based system which makes all machine adjustments automatically, the process of testing rubber goods has been simplified for the operator, eliminating mistakes and increasing efficiency.

The VON Corporation is hard at work to stay ahead of your needs and continually earn the reputation of "the world's most trusted name in underground cable fault locating and high voltage testing."

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